Why We Do It

Soft skills matter

The first reason we do this work is because of the impact it has, and that we see every day with our own eyes.

Here are what some of the young people we work with told us:

The programme has really changed my thinking. I see myself doing things differently from the way I used to.- Kehinde
I've started to feel more self-confident and organised. The sessions were all really helpful and interesting.- Natalia
Everything was great, useful. I loved everything. I would love it to be longer.- Robertas
It helped me how to organise myself and motivate myself. It taught me about how to deal with different kinds of people- Diana
The programme has changed me, made me more positive in life. I learnt so many new things about myself.- Safietou
This was a totally new experience, breaking barriers. It was great. I enjoyed everything.- Naira

We also do this work because we have evidence to support our belief that soft skills make differences that matter. These are the skills we need to address the personal, organisational, and global challenges we all face, to successfully navigate a rapidly changing work environment, and to flourish even in uncertain times.

Here’s some of the evidence that shows soft skills are essential for:

“If we don’t change the way we teach, we will be in big trouble in 30 years from now…we need to be teaching our children soft skills”.

Jack Ma, founder of Alibaba