Intro to Soft Skills

A 60-minute Presentation


If you’re looking for a presentation to introduce soft skills to a large audience of young people (age 16-25), this is for you.

We can deliver Intro to Soft Skills virtually (via Zoom or Teams) at any time or in person at conferences and similar events. The session focuses on employability, having a secondary title, Soft Skills for Employment, Enterprise, and Entrepreneurship. It comprises a 50-minute presentation and 10 minutes of Q&A.

Intro to Soft Skills explains what soft skills are and how they differ from hard skills. It outlines why they’re so vital, especially at this time, why employers value them so highly and how they positively impact our career prospects. It talks about employability regarding the skills we need, whether employed, self-employed, freelance, or running our own business.

Robotics and artificial intelligence are having a growing impact on the workplace. The presentation highlights how soft skills help us ‘future-proof’ ourselves against the potential threats posed by this technology.

The presentation also covers the benefits of soft skills on our wellbeing and mental health and how these skills provide us with a toolkit for being resilient and managing change effectively.

As well as being enjoyable and informative, Introduction to Soft Skills inspires attendees to join future workshops so they can learn more, find out how to develop soft skills, and break through the barriers that block their potential.

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