Achieving Your Goals

Why is that so often we fail to achieve our goals,
even though we’re full of good intentions when we set them?

Setting goals is easy, but achieving them is something else! From simple New Year’s resolutions to major career plans, many goals are never reached because one vital step is missed on the road to achieving them.

Goal settingThis 6-session programme provides that vital step, and ‘primes’ participants for whatever changes they choose to make.

Participants learn tips and practice techniques, so they can recognise barriers that get in the way of goals, and are prepared to break through them. Each session is devoted to identifying and eliminating one of the five barriers, and learning how to apply the Barrier Breakers process to all areas of life. Participants take a goal through this process and by the end of the course are well on the road to achieving it.

I found the whole subject fascinating & got a great deal of insight & belief in myself & my abilities. A great workshop!
Theresa B, participant

How does Backward Focus influence the goals we choose, and affect whether or not we achieve them?
What ‘boxes’ are we limited by?

Participants initiate a goal, examine their beliefs and values, try new experiences, recognise limiting assumptions.

How does Inward Focus affect the way we communicate with others?
How do we put our goals across?

Participants practice active listening, word play, body language, and develop their goal by communicating their ability, motivation and attitude to others.

Which thoughts and emotions underscore our lives?
Are they helpful?

Participants examine character through mask work, affirmations, presenting and performing to the group.

Session 4: LEFT FOCUS
Does logic sometimes get in our way?
Can we live our dreams?

Participants learn meditation techniques, recognise their inner wisdom and ‘gut responses’, check their goals are what they really want, identify qualities they’d like to develop.

Session 5: RIGHT FOCUS
Why do we need structure to achieve goals?
What are the best structures to live and work in?

Participants design a mind map, explore workflow and the 2-minute rule, put a final time line to their goal.


Time to reflect on the process, tie up everything that’s been explored, and decide on next steps.