What We Do

Our Methodology

Since 2000 we’ve used our in-house signature soft skills development methodology BBM (Barrier Breakers Methodology for Soft Skills Development & Evaluation) in innovative projects that empower vulnerable and disadvantaged people with the essential skills for wellbeing and work.

Soft skills are defined in BBM as “the traits and abilities of attitude and behaviour rather than knowledge or technical aptitude.”

I got to understand soft skills, things I wasn’t sure about, how important they are in everyday life, and how I can get them.”

Workshop participant, CONEL, Tottenham, London

Experience and Recognition

We’ve worked with over 10,000 people in a wide range of projects – from our earliest workshops with school children, through programmes with women and girls in the criminal justice system, to our latest employability and wellbeing programmes for disadvantaged young people. In 2007, we won the national Performance Hub prize to recognise BBM’s value in this field.

Holistic Approach

Our approach develops the whole person. It creates a learning environment that is both challenging and nurturing. We provide participants with an invaluable opportunity to understand, explore, and build the skills they need to navigate today’s world successfully.

Our current programmes are for young people aged 16-25, inspiring them to raise their aspirations and reach their potential by developing soft skills for employability and wellbeing.


Soft skills matter more than cognitive ability for general mental wellbeing, such as greater life satisfaction, mental health and wellbeing.
Early Intervention Foundation, Social and Emotional Learning: Skills for Life And Work, 2015