What We Do

Since our inception in 2000 we have worked with many different groups of disadvantaged, vulnerable and marginalised individuals.

BYB! workshop 2017

We provide environments that nourish the whole person, and opportunities that build individual capabilities.

In 2007, BBM won the national Performance Hub prize, in recognition of its value in this field.

Our projects all now focus on soft skills development, addressing key areas through the five lenses of Barrier Breakers Methodology. BBM removes resistance, and encourages reflection, discussion – and action.

Our programmes in 2018-19 are for young people aged 16 – 24, inspiring them to raise their aspirations and reach their potential, through the development of soft skills for employability and wellbeing.

“I got to understand soft skills, things I wasn’t sure about, how important they are in everyday life, and how I can get them”

Workshop participant, CONEL, Tottenham, London