Do you recognise these 5 barriers to creative thinking?

Do you recognise these 5 barriers to creative thinking?

We hear so much about the value of creative thinking. Yet how many people really value it?

Despite the attention that’s been heaped on creativity over recent years, the most prevalent mindset, particularly in business, still seems to be the one that believes logic trumps intuition, numbers provide the only valid evidence, and creativity is about finger painting, doing crazy role-play exercises, and being generally silly.

However much we value creative thinking, it’s easy to be swayed by the Left Focus bias of a logic-loving world…even when the logic is…well, illogical.

Have you ever encountered any of these Left Focus barriers to creative thinking?

Have you ever:

  1. Not started something because you couldn’t prove the outcome first?
  2. Set goals that looked good on a spreadsheet but were unrealistic – and then got annoyed when you didn’t achieve them?
  3. Massaged the figures to reach targets?
  4. Got demotivated because a plan didn’t go precisely to plan?
  5. Stayed in a situation because logically you should have liked it…even though your gut was screaming, “get me out of here!”?

Logic, especially when evidenced by numbers, enjoys a pre-eminent status. So it’s tempting to base every decision on it, particularly if you’re answerable to others. That way, you can prove your reasoning in a socially acceptable way.

The trouble is that it’s liable to wipe out creative thinking.

And often wipes out logic too.

“Teaching kids to embrace the unknown while maintaining their mental balance is far more difficult than teaching them an equation in physics or the causes of the First World War.” Yuval Noah Harari

Barrier Breakers Methodology for Soft Skills Development and Evaluation (BBM) was designed specifically to address this problem.

Read more about our methodology here: BBM.