5-minute workouts for your imagination

5-minute workouts for your imagination

We all have innate creativity and imagination, but we must flex these ‘muscles’ regularly to keep them in shape. Now, more than ever, we need these powers to be in top form because they’ll carry us through times of uncertainty and rapid change.

How To Change Behaviour For Real

How To Change Behaviour For Real

I watched a film the other day called Buck – maybe you’ve seen it? It contains a powerful lesson about how to make genuine change. 

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It’s a documentary about Buck Brannaman, the real-life horse whisperer. There are several threads within the story, and the one I want to share is Buck’s inspiring approach to changing behaviour.

Buck travels the USA, giving clinics to “horses with people problems.” He transforms the behaviour of these horses in a matter of moments. He goes entirely against the grain of the accepted way of horse breaking – that is, imposing the human’s will upon it until it complies. Instead, he treats them with respect and uses gentle persuasion. Within minutes the horse drops its defensive behaviour.

The resistance is gone.

The horse can be itself.

Then, instead of the human dictating its behaviour, the horse is happy to be guided. And, together, human and horse dance.

As I watched, it brought to mind how we’re too often ‘trained’ or educated. The ways that we’re frequently ‘broken in’ or socialised.

Learning is a natural, enjoyable, thrilling part of being human, yet it seems to have become a chore. Too often, the teacher, trainer or coach will dominate us, infantilise us, or force us to behave in ways that satisfy them. And we’ll comply to get the star, the grade, the promotion.

As is shown in the movie, many trainers think this is the only way to make a change. Others are afraid that their students will become unruly if they don’t come from this angle.

Others enjoy the power.

But, as Buck’s horses elegantly demonstrate, there is another way.

If you’re going through any change programme, make sure you have a ‘Buck’ type guiding you.

You’ll recognise them because they won’t impose their will, they don’t let you know just how great they are, and they’ll guide you to change for yourself, towards yourself.