Facilitator Application

Thank you for your interest in becoming a Barrier Breaker Foundation facilitator.

We run high-quality soft skills development programmes using our in-house methodology, Barrier Breakers Methodology for Soft Skills Development & Evaluation, or BBM. We’re looking for people with superb soft skills and presentation abilities to join our team of BB facilitators.

We deliver programmes throughout London for disadvantaged young people aged 16 – 25 years old. The workshops are usually 90 minutes long, for up to 20 participants. They are delivered by two BB facilitators – one Lead and one Support. Your role initially will be as a Support facilitator.

Most workshops are run in Further Education colleges, and take place on weekdays, during term times.

We prefer to run sessions in person, but all workshops can be delivered virtually via Zoom, so we can respond flexibly to changing circumstances.


You’ll work closely with the Lead Facilitator, supporting them before, during, and after the workshop as needed, to ensure the workshop is delivered as efficiently, effectively, and enjoyably as possible, and runs to the time allocated.

The required skills:

First and foremost, all BB facilitators must have high levels of all soft skills. These include:

  • An inclusive style of leadership, the ability to use your initiative, and a flexible approach
  • The ability to get on well with all kinds of people, to be empathetic, to listen, and to communicate clearly
  • A creative approach to learner-centred delivery, and imaginative problem-solving skills
  • Excellent organisational and time-management skills

You will also:

  • Enjoy and have experience in teaching, facilitating, presenting or similar
  • Be able to connect well with young people, have a friendly personality, and a sense of humour
  • Understand why soft skills are crucial for employability and wellbeing
  • Commit to our policies and codes of practice, such as safeguarding and equality and diversity
  • Be willing to learn and work within the content and ethos of our methodology

Your responsibilities will include:

  • Setting up and clearing away the workshop space
  • Confirming that the presentation equipment is working
  • Completing relevant paperwork, e.g. participant register, risk assessment checklist
  • Handing out and collecting worksheets and activities
  • Making notes of participants’ ideas
  • Encouraging and helping participants with activities and joining in discussions
  • Taking photos and completing the permission sheets
  • Ensuring that all reporting and recording is organised and conducted as agreed


The recruitment process is in 4 stages. Successful candidates will be notified at each stage, and invited to continue to the next stage:

  1. Complete the application form below. Please note that you need a DBS certificate.
  2. Have a short virtual interview
  3. Undertake online BB trainer training – the Foundation Programme
  4. Deliver a trial session as a BB Support facilitator

Having completed all four stages, you will become a Barrier Breakers Support Facilitator, qualified to undertake the role of Support facilitator on our programmes. If you haven’t undertaken recent Safeguarding training, we’ll provide you with access to the NSPCC online course, Introduction to Safeguarding and Child Protection.

You will also be eligible to undertake further training to become a Lead facilitator.

The Support facilitator’s fee for an in-person workshop is £95. You’ll be required on-site one hour before workshops begin to set up and one hour afterwards to clear away.

The application form (Stage 1) is below.

Deadline: This stage will close at 9 am Monday, September 27th 2021