Does the past get in the way of your future potential?

Sep 10, 2021

Every culture is full of ‘boxes’ that precede us and into which we may or may not fit easily. So it’s not just your past that might get in the way of your future potential…but the past.

Different cultures, different boxes.

For some, the boxes of their culture work well; for many, they don’t.

And this pre-determined past that we’re born into can get in the way of our potential, our future, our life.

Often, we get trapped in boxes without even realising it.

We mistake them for the truth.

Often the most aggressive jailer, keeping us in a box, is our own inner voice. It has absorbed all the boxes of our culture and pushes us into them at every opportunity:

“Women can’t…”

“I’m too old to…”

“When I’ve lost a few more pounds, I’ll…”

“My religion says I mustn’t…”

“I’m not intelligent enough to…”

When you hear yourself thinking about limiting judgements such as these, do a double-check.

Make sure it’s what you really believe.

Or whether it’s just a box that you – or that jailer – are putting yourself into.

Don’t let the past dictate your future.