5-minute workouts for your imagination

Feb 21, 2023

We all have innate creativity and imagination, but we must flex these ‘muscles’ regularly to keep them in shape. Now, more than ever, we need these powers to be in top form because they’ll carry us through times of uncertainty and rapid change.

But it’s easy to get stuck in thinking ruts, even if our circumstances have changed and demand new perspectives. Often we keep thinking in the same old way when we’re barely the same person who originated the thoughts. Changing our mindset and actions that spring from it gets pushed aside by the hurrying, the humdrum and habitual behaviour.

Keeping our body in shape doesn’t happen without a plan and some activity. It’s the same with our imagination and creativity.

Here are some 5-minute workouts to start you off: 

  • Go into an expensive shop and try on some outrageous shoes
  • Write a poem without judging it
  • Wander around an antique shop
  • Stop and pay full attention to a busker
  • Buy a newspaper you’ve never read before
  • Make up the life stories of people you’re travelling with
  • Pull a silly face in the mirror
  • Learn three unusual words and use them
  • Turn up the music and dance in the middle of the day

Do at least one workout a day. 

Create your own.

This is serious fun.