Barrier Breakers Foundation is dedicated to inspiring soft skillsĀ development and creating positive change.

Since 2000 we’ve delivered innovative training and educational projects that offer disadvantaged and marginalised individuals the opportunity to develop essential skills, reach for their potential, and enrich their lives.

Flowing through all our work is a focus on the whole person, rather than on their particular problems.Ā  So whatever the subject, and whoever it’s for, every Barrier Breakers project is designed to encourage the development of soft skills – the skills of attitude and behaviour, such as confidence, communication, teamwork, self-motivation and creativity. These are the crucial skills that determine how we live, learn, and work; they empower individuals to take control of their life, increase their employability, and improve their well-being.

Our current focus is working with young people aged 15 – 24, inspiring them to achieve their potential and to gain the employability and life skills that will allow them to do this.