Soft Skills Development and Positive Change

Soft Skills

A range of 40 skills, including confidence, communication, teamwork, self-motivation,
time management, and creativity.

Our Focus

Our current focus is working with disadvantaged, young people, aged 16 – 25

Barrier Breakers Foundation

Since 2000 we’ve been delivering innovative training and educational projects, using our award-winning, in-house methodology BBM®. These projects offer disadvantaged and marginalised individuals the opportunity to develop essential skills, reach for their potential, and enrich their lives.

What We Do

We enable people to break free from a cycle of disadvantage, poverty, low self-esteem and low expectation by developing the essential soft skills that improve their employment prospects, well-being and life chances.

How We Do It

We show people how to identify the five Barriers that block all soft skills. We give them the tools to break through the Barriers, so they can access these powerful skills and develop them immediately and in the future.

Why We Do It

Research shows soft skills are vital 21st-century skills. But the education system hasn’t yet adapted. So people lack the skills needed to be resilient, work-ready and happy in today’s world. We empower people with these soft skills.

Developing soft skills

Flowing through all our work is a focus on the whole person. We design every project to encourage the development of soft skills – a range of 40 innate human competencies, including confidence, communication, teamwork, self-motivation, time management, and creativity.

Soft skills determine how we live, learn, and work. They are now considered so central to personal and professional success in today’s world that they’re referred to as the 21st-century skills. They enable individuals to take control of their life, increase their employability, and improve their well-being.

Our current focus is working with disadvantaged young people aged 16-25, inspiring them to achieve their potential and empowering them with the skills that will allow them to do this.