What We Do

Our programmes currently focus on soft skills development, addressing key areas through the lenses of Barrier Breakers Methodology. BBM removes resistance, and encourages reflection, discussion – and action. Our programmes are proven to support vulnerable individuals make profound changes in their lives. In 2007, BBM won the national Performance Hub prize, in recognition of its value in this field

Our focus in 2017 is to inspire girls and young women to raise their aspirations and reach their potential, through the development of employability and leadership skills.

Working with shapes2Barrier Breakers is an imaginative and dynamic organisation that strives to meet the needs of everyone they work with in a flexible, non-judgemental and accessible manner. I have found them to be consistently responsive, reliable and creative in their planning and delivery. Gemma Cossins, Haringey Play Association, UK

Since our inception in 2000 we have worked with various groups of disadvantaged, vulnerable and marginalised groups, particularly young people at-risk of offending, and women offenders and ex-offenders. We provide environments that nourish the whole person, and opportunities that build individual capabilities.

The overall approach we take in our work is neatly summed up by the findings of The Corston Review 2007. This extensive study of women offenders concluded that it is vital to address the vulnerabilities that are at the root of issues such as offending, by: helping women develop resilience, life skills and emotional literacy”

The Review continues…”it is timely to bring about a radical change in the way we treat women throughout the whole of the criminal justice system and this must include not just those who offend but also those at risk of offending. This will require a radical new approach…treating women both holistically and individually” 

Our programmes offer environments and opportunities that encourage the soft skills development endorsed by the Corston Review.